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Collection of Personal Information

When a user registers on our website to get information, purchase something, or access any other service available, we collect their personal data continuously. That includes the user name, address, device specification, number, IP address, and email for a quality shopping experience.


We need your consent, and here’s how we get it: When you decide to buy from us, you provide personal information to complete the transaction, verify your credit card, and arrange product delivery. By doing this, you implicitly agree that we can collect and use your information only for these reasons. Sometimes, we may ask for your information for additional purposes, like marketing. In such instances, we will either explicitly request your approval or provide you with the choice to refuse. Also, to improve our website, we might use external service providers who are responsible for handling your information strictly for approved purposes.


By placing an order with our store, you agree to comply with this consent. Your information may be exposed in circumstances necessitated by legal compliance or in the event of a violation of our service agreement. Additionally, for improved operational efficiency, we might engage external service providers who are responsible for receiving user information on our behalf. Crucially, these providers are explicitly forbidden from utilising the information for any reasons other than those that have been specifically authorised. 

Third-Party Service

Our store also uses some third-party service providers to collect, process, and disclose your consent information only as necessary for their services. Payment gateways and processors have their own policies, so it’s essential to read their privacy terms. Some providers may be in different jurisdictions, subjecting your information to their laws. For instance, transactions involving the UK and the USA may fall under U.S. legislation. Once a transaction redirects to a third-party site, our privacy policy no longer governs. We aren’t responsible for external links’ privacy practices, so please read their privacy statements carefully.


Cookies play a crucial role in how we identify and communicate with you, ensuring the right communication tools and protection. Our store utilizes various cookies, each serving a specific function. You have the choice to decline the use of cookies.. These include: 


    1. (session_id) for storing session information, 


    1. (_visit) for tracking visits 


    1. (_uniq) for counting unique user visits, 


    1. Cart for storing cart information


    1. (_secure_session_id, and storefront_digest) for managing access. 


We may update this cookie list without notification. Additionally, to effectively utilize data, a valid and justified basis is essential. As per explicit agreement terms, we use user-provided data for contractual obligations. If legally compelled or with user consent, we align data use with legitimate interests to address requests and serve your needs efficiently, providing a comprehensive range of services.


Ensuring the safety of your private data is our primary commitment. We employ reasonable measures and follow industry standards to prevent any illegal loss, communication, misconduct, availability, modification, or deletion of your info.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Please be aware that we may update our privacy policy at any time, and we recommend checking it regularly. If there are significant updates, we’ll notify you through email and display a banner on our site.  In the scenario of a merger or acquisition, your details may be passed on to future administrators to maintain continuous service and product delivery.

Age of Consent

By using our site, you agree that you are of legal age in your region, country, state, or province, or among the majority age group. You confirm your consent to engage with our services or make purchases after agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please note that our website is intended for individuals aged 18 or older.

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If you have any questions concerning confidentiality, regulations, or any similar subject matter, please feel comfortable to approach our dedicated client assistance staff at

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